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1 – The Sovereign Way Of Thinking

Master your mind, master your life. This course is essential if you’re new to the concept of sovereignty and financial independence.


2 – The Sovereign Individual

Gain clarity amidst the chaos and kickstart your sovereignty in your mind, health, spirituality and finances. True sovereignty is about mastering all areas of life.


3 – Creating A Sovereign Income In The New Economy

Discover ways you can create an income stream away from a day job in the fast changing economy.


4 – Build Your Wealth Foundation

Learn creative strategies to protect your assets from any predators so you can have security and peace of mind over your wealth.

Financial Management

5 – Financial Management

Learn how to manage your finances, budgets and records for your structures and personal affairs. This course is essential to anyone looking to grow safe long-term wealth.

The Plan B Guide

6 – The Plan B Guide

Plan B has now become Plan A. Learn the secrets to recession-proof your life and finances so you can find security amidst the storm.

Practical Money Management Workshop

8 – Practical Money Management Workshop

Knowing Your Common Laws & Legal Rights

9 – Knowing Your Common Law & Legal Rights

The Sovereign Individual Event Thumbnail

10 – The Sovereign Individual (2023)

Managing Your Trusts Once It's Set Up Event Thumbnail

11 – Managing Your Trust Once It’s Set Up

How to Use Structures for Maximum Benefit

12 – How to Use Structures for Maximum Benefit

Secure Your Financial Future

13 – Secure Your Financial Future

How to Prosper in Times of Chaos

14 – How to Prosper in Times of Chaos


15 – Women to Wealth – Becoming Financially Independent

Onshore and Offshore Asset Protection

16 – Onshore and Offshore Asset Protection