During his panel appearance at the World Economic Forum, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said by 2030 smartphones won’t be the most common interface.

Instead, “many of these things will be built directly into our bodies” he said.

Should this be a future agenda to be aware of?

Here’s how I see it…

Whatever your religious views are, these kind of statements sound like something taken straight out of Revelation 13

Which, to me, is disturbingly uncanny.

Let’s explore this further…

The world is and will become even more digitalized.

It makes perfect sense why governments and the deep state want the world to head this way.

If everything is digital, it becomes easier for them to track, monitor and control you.

More specifically, your wealth, assets, private information, essentials and even your thinking.

After all, most of us microchip our pets so I suppose the elite see it the same way.

They need to ensure their pets (i.e. citizens) are safe, obedient and keeping their system going with things like taxes.

I digress…

This scenario obviously won’t happen tomorrow but that shouldn’t take away any urgency.

CNBC points out companies such as Neuralink, co-founded by Elon Musk, are already developing technology that can be implanted into your brain.

So it’s not like “smartphones built directly into your body” is unheard of.

With that said, it’s not impossible to imagine a world where smartphones, microchips or technology implants are encouraged (even coerced) into you.

“Yeah right … this is far-fetched and impossible”.

I beg to differ.

As I mentioned earlier, this won’t happen instantly but rather will be a gradual progression – which the Nokia CEO also spoke about.

Lundmark suggested a transition where face wear (such as glasses) will precede 6G technology.

We’re already seeing this take place with VR headsets. Albeit, predominantly in the gaming space.

Soon enough, however, that’ll expand out to augmented realities. Or in more familiar words, “the metaverse”.

It’ll be similar to the last 2 years.

First was masks, second was lockdowns, third was employment mandates and loss of income, etc.

At this stage…

Most people will see this article, be angry at it and say there’s no way in hell a smartphone will enter their body… and will probably let this message pass.

Look at what’s transpired over the last two years…

Many said they’d never take the jab under any circumstances…

But as soon as their income, property, security, investments, retirement savings and lifestyle certainty was threatened, they eventually took it.

In the same way this happened, the smartphone proposition will be no different.

Most people will eventually do it.

Therefore, if you struggled with the jabs…

Buckle up sunshine because it’s just the beginning – where they get people used to the idea of giving up bodily autonomy, personal freedom and control.

You can expect times to only get worse from here.

On a lighter note, contrary to the above statement, now is not the time to lose hope either.

Bottom line is this…

In times to come, you’ll either be a sovereign or slave.

If you live in fight or flight mode and your mindset is, “I’ll wait until this actually happens before I react,” then expect to be a slave to the government.

There’s no two ways about this.

Who knows, maybe you’ll receive free money handouts if you remain in their good books and be a good, compliant citizen.

If the thought of that makes you cringe, fearful, or mad… you need to be sovereign and use those emotions to drive you.

With that in mind, fear will drive you to stagnate and freeze … or to take action.

What will you choose?

Your wealth, assets and freedoms will continue to be attacked unless you do something about it and get ahead of the game.

Otherwise, the cost will be you losing everything and giving it to the government, elite and socialist agenda.

Moving forward…

The true sovereign individual sees issues like this, anticipates and prepares well in advance.

(Just like car, house and health insurance).

Said straight from the horse’s mouth (Klaus Schwab)…

“In the new world, it’s not the big fish that eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish that eats the slow fish.”


With the world moving fast towards the new age, the questions is are you keeping up?

It’s easy to say you want to be sovereign… but the action required to get there is insane.

Many athletes want to be the greatest at the game, but few are willing to put in the work.

That’s why in times to come, most people will take the easier route and be the government’s b#tch.

Will you do the same? The choice is yours.

Saying no is easier said than done but if you’re serious about your sovereignty, now’s the time to take action.

The fact is, there’s still time to become sovereign where you’re active in (but not reliant on) the system.

Meaning, you can still move, work and live inside the system while keeping your income and freedoms.

That’s why we do what we do at the Global Wealth Club, to help people find a way out of the impossible.

The way we see it is governments aren’t the problem, we are. Governments always look to gain more power no matter the circumstances so it’s about what YOU can do to protect yourself and stay sovereign.

We have hope that one day the grass will get greener but false hope believing it won’t get worse for the meantime shouldn’t be your primary mindset.

Rather, now is the time for safety first and building back your freedoms.

One of the philosophies we live by is, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst”.


If you’re looking to be sovereign and keep your assets safe from governments…

Then make sure to tune into our upcoming educational trainings and invite your friends.

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