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Learn how to master your financial and personal sovereignty by following our structured education which guides you step-by-step through the sovereignty wheel.

Introduction to Becoming Sovereign

1 – Introduction to Being Sovereign

The world is changing fast which means you need to keep up with the pace if you want freedom. Begin the journey of becoming the captain of your own financial ship so you can prevail through the storms ahead with clarity and confidence.

How to Grow Your Business Cash Flow

2 – Income Creation Fundamentals

Cashflow is king. Master the fundamentals within this module and you’ll be financially set for life. Learn how to apply universal laws the wealthy follow to successfully build long-term wealth, as well as find the right career for you based on your natural strengths and weaknesses.

Smart Investing During Recession

3 – Income Creation – Investing and Trading

Start making your money work for you by learning how to create residual income through trading and investing. We look into various sectors and opportunities out there such as options trading in the stock market, cryptocurrencies and property.

How to Grow Your Business Cash Flow

4 – Income Creation – Business

People start a business with the goal of having more time and money… but they end up becoming a slave to their own business. Learn how to build and scale your business the right way to produce more income, time and purpose.

5 – Asset Protection

The secret to great wealth is not how much money you make, but how much you KEEP. This module explores creative yet 100% legal strategies to protect your assets to sleep peacefully at night knowing your property, business and other investments are safe from anyone out to steal your wealth.

Protect Your Assets

6 – Taxes and Structuring

Learn how to legally minimise your taxes so you can keep more of your hard-earned wealth in your pockets where it rightfully belongs.

7 – Multiple Income Streams

Learn how to diversify your income streams so your wealth and livelihood can be strong and prosperous through any economic condition.

Second Passport & Residencies

8 – The Offshore World – Go Global

Having a Plan B in today’s economy is not only a luxury, but a necessity. By using the offshore world, you give yourself flexibility and choices to move fast if your lifestyle and freedom gets threatened by your home country.

Building a Legacy

9 – Life Purpose and Finding Your Legacy

Life is meaningless without deep purpose and fulfilment. Learn how to set your life up in a way which impacts many generations to come.

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