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The secret to being wealthy starts in your mind and how you think. You can do all the right things, but if you haven’t mastered the foundations, you’ll get nowhere financially or personally. Learn how to be empowered and start your sovereignty journey.

Introduction to Becoming Sovereign

1 – Foundations of Sovereignty

Becoming a sovereign individual starts in how you think. It is easy to accumulate large amounts of wealth, only to lose it by self-sabotage, government seizures and other catastrophic events. It costs you dearly if you’re disempowered and don’t have a strong foundation. In this module, you learn the basics of sovereignty and how to achieve it.

Knowing Your Common Laws & Legal Rights

2 – Understanding Common Law & Your Legal Rights

Imagine knowing your rights before COVID happened. A wise prophet once said “It is through ignorance of the law people perish”. Learn how to protect your business, finances, home, life and liberty from greedy predators who seek to reap where they have not sown.

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3 – Knowing Your Wealth Profile

Part of knowing thyself is understanding your natural skills, talents and gifts. The wealth dynamics is a fantastic place to start to know your best talents for creating wealth. When you understand this, you will also know the type of people to surround yourself with (mentors and team) that complement your personality to give yourself the best chance of success.

Universal Laws of Wealth

4 – Universal Laws of Wealth

To build wealth, it doesn’t take something extraordinary. It just takes consistency & showing up. Like going to the gym to get results, you must constantly follow the same routine with your finances. By being disciplined and following the discipline of saving, putting money aside, cutting unnecessary expenses and starting to invest your money, you will create a stable wealth foundation in no time!

The Great Reset and Coming Economic Collapse

5 – The Great Reset and Coming Economic Collapse

Understanding the history of our economy and financial system is essential to be able to see where the economy is at in the present and future. This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the causes and consequences of economic collapses, as well as set the foundation for how you can not only survive a recession, but also capitalise on the incredible opportunities they present.

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Learn how to create cashflow and income streams through upskilling your existing skillset, plus learning new ways to increase your income by adding extra streams.

Fundamentals of Creating Cashflow

1 – Fundamentals of Creating Cashflow

Cashflow is king. Master the fundamentals within this module and you’ll be financially set for life! Learn the universal laws the wealthy follow to successfully build income streams and long-term wealth, how to apply them and discover the most lucrative career for you which aligns with your natural strengths and weaknesses.

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2 – Upskilling Your Career

To move from an employee or self-employed into a business owner or investor, you must develop skills which make you indispensable. By learning new skills, you increase your earning potential and can quickly generate more cashflow.

Webinars & Podcasts Thumbnail

3 – Webinars & Podcasts

The world is going online and you want to adapt to the changes. This is a more advanced way to create income and something you may wish to learn to bring into your business.

How to Grow Your Business Cash Flow

4 – Creating Cashflow Through Business

People start a business with the goal of having more time and money… but they end up becoming a slave to their own business. Learn how to build and scale your business the right way to produce more income, time and purpose.

5 – The Magic Power of Words

Part of building a brand and increasing income is knowing how to reach your market and use the right words to influence them. In this module, you learn the skills of copywriting and top tips to “hack” into your audience and influence them to make a buying decision.

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6 – MLM

Why is MLM (multi-level marketing) so popular today? Robert Kiyosaki recommends this as a great way to start making money and cashflow. Learn the secrets to build income through successful MLM while not throwing away your ethics in the process.

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There are many investment vehicles to create income from. Learn the foundations of investing so you can begin the journey to create residual income safely and build financial stability, avoid scammers and become financially independent.

1 – Understanding the Markets for Investing

To be a successful investor, you must have good knowledge on the economy and politics as these are key areas which influence the markets. This module explores the basics of the economy, as well as gives an intro to reading and tracking charts so you can keep up to date with the latest trends and know the best places to invest your money.

2 – Intro to Balanced Portfolio

Before you start investing, you must have a clear end in mind. Learn about a balanced portfolio so you can get an idea of how your investment portfolio should look long-term for a safe and stable future.

3 – Cryptocurrencies

This module introduces you to the concept of creating income from cryptocurrencies. Learn some basic strategies and understand what cryptos actually are so you can pursue it further if you resonate with the field. If you haven’t seen “Getting Started in Crypto” on our free section, start there before watching these videos.

4 – Precious Metals

Precious metals has always been one of the top performing asset classes during a recession throughout history. Learn how to get started in this space and why you may consider investing into gold and silver as a safe bet.

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5 – Property

According to a billionaire, 90% of all millionaires get to that level of wealth by investing in real estate. Property is one of the best ways to become financially independent if you do it right. Learn how you can get started to create an income through property even if you’ve never done it before and don’t have large capital to invest.

6 – Options Trading

To be a good trader, you must understand how to deal with volatility and manage your risk. Derek Whitaker teaches the very basics of how you can start trading and gives important tips to follow before you start options trading.

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Start separating yourself from your assets to legally keep your assets safe from governments and other predators out to reap where they haven’t sown.

1 – Setting up Structures

One of the first rules you for high level asset protection is to own NOTHING, but control EVEYRTHING. This is done by using structures. In this module, you learn more advanced ways to structure yourself to protect your assets from predators.

Protect Your Assets From Predators

2 – Protect Your Assets From Predators

The more you earn, the more people who want a slice of the pie. Keeping wealth is just as important as making it. Learn creative and legal strategies to protect your assets from predators such as governments, lawsuits, ex-partners, and more.

Minimise Taxes 100% Legally

3 – Minimise Taxes 100% Legally

As Kerry Packer said in a press conference, governments don’t spend money well enough that you should be donating extra. The next part of keeping wealth is knowing how to minimise your taxes legally and only pay what you’re legally entitled to.

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Organised wealth attracts more wealth. Know how to manage your structures, finance, admin and books/records to start operating at a higher level.

1 – How to Manage Your Books and Records

John Demartini says organised wealth attracts more wealth. Knowing how to manage your finances is a key part of growing your money. In this module, you learn the basics of how to start overseeing your books, records and other financial admin areas to start operating at a business owner level rather than employee or self-employed.

2 – Outsourcing Your Record Keeping

One of the top secrets used by the wealthy is outsourcing their admin. The reason for this is because it cuts costs while improving efficiency if you do it correctly. Many people shy away from this since they find it too overwhelming. Learn how you can get started with outsourcing your books and records.

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3 – How to Read Financial Statements (Accounting 101)

If you can’t read financial statements, you’ll never know how to keep track of your wealth. On top of that, if you have sloppy compliance, you could run yourself into all sorts of danger with the ATO. Learn the basics of accounting so you can manage your affairs responsibly, as well as understand how to read financial statements such as BAS, GST and P&L reports since you were never taught how to do this in school.

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Since the release of “The Secret” in 2006, we have seen an exponential awareness of the power of the mind & harnessing energy to transform your financial results and release self-sabotage. Even now prominent scientists at Oxford and Harvard universities are acknowledging the truth of quantum physics and how we create our world by our thoughts, intentions and observations. Learn the proven principles of the yogis and shamans to transform your inner world and in doing so, shift your financial outer word!

1 – Advanced Manifestation Training to Grow Wealth

Learn how to manifest more wealth and stability in your life through a combination of practical techniques and mindset shifts. Whether you're looking to increase your income, build wealth, or simply create a more abundant and financially secure future, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals.

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You’ve now completed! However, the journey doesn’t end there. Learn what to do next to implement the knowledge you learned.

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