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Do The Sanctions Put Your Wealth at Threat Transcript:


What’s happening globally? Do the sanctions put your wealth at threat?

What are the actual effects of the sanctions and I would like for you both to chime in and go with the flow. So if you’d like to start, Stephen.


You need to remember these sanctions are actually the first public private partnership that I’ve actually seen in the sanction world.

What I mean by that is we’ve got corporations who are actually doing the sanctions for and on behalf of the government.

So the government saying you need to do something on these people, and then the banks and the corporation and marinas, aircraft handlers are just going and doing it for them.

Half the time they’re turning around going, Hey, we’ve got a Russian billionaire over here. We’ve just confiscated his goods. You know, is that, okay?

And the government’s rubber stamping it. It’s terrible. From what I’m seeing, this is a trial run of what the great reset would look like.

The other problem I’m seeing with these sanctions is they’re targeting people that MAY be associated with Putin. Not ARE associated, not ARE part of the government, not ARE part of the war. These are private citizens.

Fair enough, you can judge how you like how they made their money. But these are private citizens who had made money, and just because they may’ve down the track supported a political candidate named Putin, they’re having their assets seized.

Imagine if the Labour Party got in here in Australia, and said, We’re going to seize all the assets of everyone who’s ever voted conservative. That’s what we’re talking about here.

That’s how low this has gone. The West is wrong on this. Putin is wrong as well. But the West is very, very much wrong on these sanctions. And this pretty much destroys trust, for me anyway, in all forms of government, banking and everything.


What Stephen said, it’s hard to beat it. I couldn’t agree more. I was so astonished. How I saw this was like, just because I happen to have the wrong passport.

I heard a story today of a Russian lady who turned up and it had all been approved – exemptions and everything, at the airport, it’s got pertained and they’re deporting her back because she’s Russian, you know?

They’re going to start doing this to Russians, all you have to do is change the label from Russian to US. Then if you end up in certain countries favourable to Russia, they suddenly seize your assets. So you could just imagine where this could go next.

I mean, this could go many, many different ways. None of them are particularly great.

What Stephen said about the corporations taking them, it just shows you this woke world where it’s not just governments getting involved, it’s corporations too. And them just saying, No, we don’t like you because of this.

I read today about how Melbourne University was given funding for six honorary medical research projects. They’re about to start them and suddenly they cancel them.

The reason why was because all six were white males. And they said, well, because they’re white males. There’s no coloured person.

Now that’s straight apartheid like in Africa.

Yet, they were saying that these were the best six people. But they were saying no. That’s exactly what they were doing in South African cricket.

I remember a laughable scenario years ago, watching a test match and seeing a guy who obviously was way out of his depth put in just to meet the coloured quota, who literally was like a reserve game player, and he had no idea what he was doing.

That’s kind of now in the west (apartheid) well and truly.


In regards to the EU sanctions, do you have thoughts on what’s happening in the EU at the moment.


The biggest surprise for me in the EU has been Switzerland.

Switzerland has remained neutral for most of its entire life, actually, pretty much all of its entire life as a nation, in the modern world anyway. And it’s now taken a side, and by them taking a side it’s basically just destroyed what Switzerland was.

The trust has been broken between especially the very wealthy around the world that used Switzerland as a place to store assets. And what I’m hearing is the cash flow is enormous.

I can expect to see Switzerland go back to its neutral state because it’s going to lose too much money and basically become irrelevant. There is a mass movement of money into places like Dubai into Singapore. Japan was another one that astounded me.

And then of course, places like Panama, Cayman Islands, BVI, etc. who are still sort of keeping their neutrality from this whole thing.

If you’re in the EU, you want to start having a look and make sure your assets are outside of it because this is going to be the way I think it may go, this will be another war in Europe. And the sanctions in the EU will make it less advantageous to sit there.


Yes. And Warren, did you want to add to that as well?


No, the only thing I want to add is a Switzerland was very startling because Switzerland lost a lot of trust about some years ago. And well, here they go now doing this.

So I think business shows that yes, Switzerland’s days probably are well and truly over. I don’t really have much more to say but this is just showing the lack of safety of money in many of these places right now.

Basically, I agree with Stephen.


Let’s go to the next crazy news of Biden and his announcement to actually seize assets from Russian oligarchs.

Is this right? And what does this mean for everybody?


Yeah, that’s exactly what we’ve been talking about already with the asset seizures.

Biden is actually on the wrong side of this. And we’ll come out on the wrong side of this too because what’s also going to happen, and it’s not going to be a nice place to be if you’re a businessman with assets in Russia.

What I can see Russia doing is turning around and going well, We’re going to seize all the Western assets. So they go and seize all the Western assets.

And then also, all your super funds that are invested into international markets are going to create a massive loss, and the super funds will say sorry, we still got paid, but you lost a heap of money.

So the tit-for-tat retaliation for this is going to have greater effects than what anyone realizes. And Biden, and all the elites don’t care because they’re not affected by it. The people affected by this are us.


It goes back to your own matrix, Stephen, doesn’t it?

You’ve got the elite, and they’re aiming for the elite to be 1%. 4%, the oligarchs and then everyone else to kind of be nice fight for the scraps.


Well, yeah, so if you 80 / 20 what we’re talking about, you’ll have 80% slaves, you’ll have 15% of those that hang on and agree with the system. You’ll have 4%, as Warren said, who are the oligarchs who own everything, and then you’ll have the 1% of elite who make the rules.

And that’s where we’re heading. It’s plain to see … it really is plain to see.

We’ll just talk about Switzerland freezing accounts. If I go back to what I said, the Swiss have basically put a noose around their neck and destroyed what was the thing that made Switzerland, Switzerland.


Did you want to comment on this about your wealth is at risk anywhere, any time? And the richer you are, the more you’re at risk, and the dire necessity of a plan B, as Simon Black says, is very important.


Yeah. Okay. Definitely, your wealth is at risk and it doesn’t matter who you are, because we’ve all got super funds. And super funds are very, very easy to go and get by the government because who controls them?

Government backs super fund operators. So the majority of the trillion dollar or the multi trillion dollar belt system here in Australia is controlled by union movement.

That’s why they want more and more wage increases because it increases the money into that profits.

So yes, your wealth is at risk, if you have super funds that you do not control yourself … well and truly at risk, the richer you are the more at risk.

Now, this has two sides.

If you’re rich and are part of the inner circle, you’ll be able to get through because you’ll be able to skip under the radar and all that sort of stuff.

Now, I distinguish between rich and wealthy here because, in my mind, rich people flash the cash, drive Ferraris have big houses, you know, the handbags and, and all that sort of stuff.

But the wealthy are hidden. The wealthy go under the radar … the wealthy are connected – they’ve infiltrated networks, they know what’s going on. And you are inside the click. You are known to those in the elite circle. So you’re in that 15% that won’t be affected by this.

And yes, yes. Simon Black says this, if you don’t have a plan B now, you’re pretty much six months late.


Couldn’t agree more. I agree with Stephen on that. I’ll add on to the Plan B.

This is something where the best time to react would’ve been before. Look, there’s still time to move now if people are quick enough because people are still working out the full impact, but God you wouldn’t want to delay too much. You want to be taking massive, massive, massive, massive defensive action.

I wouldn’t really comment much on what Stephen said in the first two because I agree with him entirely.

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In this webinar, Stephen and Warren also discussed the new ATO clamp down on family trust distributions to adult children, what it means to be sovereign and how to prepare for the coming economy crash.