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To become a sovereign individual, you must build your life, wealth and assets beyond your home country so you’re not limited to one jurisdiction. Learn the steps required to do this in this section.

Introduction to Going Offshore

1 – Introduction to Going Offshore

In this module, we share a balanced perspective on going offshore and why you may consider it for your situation if you’re looking to become sovereign. This gives you an overview to help you get your head around the idea of going offshore.

Second Passports & Residencies

2 – Second Passports & Residencies

Having a Plan B option is fast becoming an essential in today’s economy. Not only does having a second passport and/or residency protect you from potential disaster, but they also expand your opportunities, freedom and lifestyle. This module teaches how you can acquire a second passport and residency, as well as looks into various jurisdictions you may consider depending on your goals and situation.

Offshore Banking

3 – Offshore Banking

If you’re looking to add more layers of protection, security and diversification to your wealth plan, setting up an offshore bank account is a great step for you to take. There are many benefits. This module explores different ways you can safely and legally bank offshore and shows you how to get started in the space.

Moving Offshore and Building Global Wealth

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