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Discover the haunting truth of how the financial matrix works, how the system enslaves you, and learn to prepare for what’s coming ahead, especially in the financial reset.


1 – Coming Economic Collapse

The collapse that’s coming is predicted by famous economists to be the “greater depression”. Something much, MUCH worse than the Great Depression. Warren Black shares what he foresees coming, how this’ll impact your entire life and steps you can take to ensure you don’t lose your entire livelihood to the great reset.


2 – Knowing Your Common Law Rights

Did you know that ever since birth you’ve been enslaved in the matrix? And in Australia you DON’T truly own your property!? However, there are LEGAL ways you can get around all of the unlawful mandates and become sovereign! This module reveals common law knowledge that’ll help you become completely free from the system.

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3 – The Financial Matrix and How to Escape It

From day one, you were born into a system which has been set up to keep you poor. It’s kept you enslaved as another cog in the machine to keep the elite growing. This module reveals how the game is played, as well as the steps required to break away from the Financial Matrix and become free.


Break your dependence on the government and your employer by learning how to create an income away from your day job or small business so you can escape the financial matrix and never be coerced against your will again.


1 – Principles of Income Creation

We saw firsthand what happens if your source of provision and security relies on someone else during the lockdowns and mandates. This module reveals the starting steps to create your own income which isn’t dependent on someone else or the system so you can escape the Financial Matrix and become sovereign.


2 – Getting Started In Cryptos

Do you find the crypto market hard to understand? This module shows you everything you need to know as a beginner to understand the crypto space to start making money but MORE importantly ensures you remain safe and don’t lose your money to hacks, phishing and a slight misjudgement.


3 – Trading In The Stock Market

With uncertainty and volatility looming in the stock market, most investors are running away. Derek Whitaker, a professional trader, shares expert tips you should know before placing your first trade and opens your eyes to new possibilities of capitalising on the wealth transfer.


Discover the best legal loopholes and hacks to keep your wealth safe from any government, lawsuit or threat so you can walk through the Great Reset unscathed and give the government the middle finger on your way out.


1 – Types of Structures

The secret to true wealth is not how much you make but how much you KEEP! The more you save, the more you make! This module opens your eyes to the very basics of tax minimisation and asset protection by using Australian tax structures such as trusts, companies, foundations and SMSFs.


2 – Asset Protection

The more you make, the more people who want a share of your pie. Governments, lawyers, bankers and even your ex-partner. If you’re not well protected, chances are you’ll lose everything you’ve accumulated over your life. Learn how to PROTECT your hard-earned wealth so you’re not stressed at night about something bad happening and instead gain peace of mind over your future.


3 – 100% Legal Tax Minimisation

Governments are rapidly changing rules around your money. If you don’t understand the rules of the game, you’ll never win. The module reveals the tax rules in Australia, and some simple legal strategies. You can discuss with your accountant
around taxes in Australia to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs.


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1 – Global Economy Updates With Stephen Petith

We don’t sugar coat the truth. Sovereignty architect, Stephen Petith, shares his weekly insight into what’s happening behind the scenes in the global economy that’s impacting your wealth and freedom. PLUS practical steps you can take to become sovereign, NOT a casualty of pending doom.

Exponential Health Update

2 – Taking Charge of Your Health with Dr HB

Health = wealth. Learn how to optimise your health with Dr. HB, an awake and holistic GP, to improve your productivity, focus and energy levels to set your foundations up for success.

Women to Wealth Module

3 – Women to Wealth Financial Independence

Our special initiative devoted to help women become financially independent. There was a fast growing divide happening in the society, with an ever increasing number of women being homeless in their 40s and 50s. It's time to narrow this equality gap and help women prosper and become sovereign in their own right, with women speaking to women! Then also addressing the unique concerns women face.